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Laboratory Hours

The Computing Sciences Department has four lab areas for student use. Two of these labs are used exclusively to support courses in the departmental programs while the other two are used for Computer and Information Literacy. The primary computing resource within the department is a network of over thirty powerful PC's running various operating systems. Servers provide over 20 gigabytes of disk storage in support of this network. All departmental computers are networked providing access to computing and information resources both throughout the campus and internationally via an Internet connection.
Campus wide
The other resources available to students include a large DEC timesharing system with accompanying lab facilities and numerous IBM PC Laboratories. Most labs are available whenever the buildings they are located in are open; normally 8:00am until 11:00pm with extended hours late in the semester.

The campus network provides 24 hours a day access to computing and information resources including various Library services. The campus network is accessible from off campus via modem and through the Internet and most dorm rooms have direct connections to the campus network.

The University has an attractive computer purchase plan for students for a variety of personal computers. While many students take advantage of this plan, computer purchases are not required.