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CMPS 108COBOL Programming3 creditsCMPS 134Computer Science I3 credits
CMPS 144Computer Science II4 creditsCMPS 202Web Development3 credits
CMPS 240Data Structures3 creditsCMPS 250Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming3 credits
CMPS 260Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science3 creditsCMPS 311Computer Networks and Security3 credits
CMPS 330Information Systems3 creditsCMPS 331Systems Analysis and Design3 credits
CMPS 340File Processing4 creditsCMPS 341Database Systems3 credits
CMPS 344Programming Languages3 creditsCMPS 350Computer Architecture3 credits
CMPS 352Operating Systems3 creditsCMPS 354Data Communications and Networks3 credits
CMPS 356Web Programming3 creditsCMPS 360Analysis of Algorithms3 credits
CMPS 362Numerical Analysis3 creditsCMPS 364Theory of Computation3 credits
CMPS 370Computer Graphics3 creditsCMPS 372Artificial Intelligence3 credits
CMPS 374Fundamentals of Software Engineering3 creditsCMPS 384Special Topics3 credits each
CMPS 393Computer Research3 creditsCMPS 440Compiler Design3 credits
CMPS 481Computer Internship3 creditsCMPS 490(W) Computer Projects3 credits