CMPS 134
Assignment #0

For this assignment you are to compose a brief statement in which you describe your computing background. For example, you could mention which software applications you have used frequently, list any computer-related courses you took in high school, etc., etc. In particular, you should indicate whether or not you have ever programmed a computer and, if so, in which programming language(s).

Don't be concerned if you are not sure what is meant by the verb "program". Typically, more than 50% of the students taking this course have never programmed before and thus are not familiar with any programming language! If this is the case with you, take comfort in the fact that you are likely to be in the majority. CMPS 134 is an introductory course, after all.

If possible, use Microsoft Word (or some similar tool capable of producing files (e.g., with a .docx extension) that are compatible with Word) to prepare an electronic document containing your statement. If not, use a "plain text" editor (e.g., Notepad).

Your statement should be a paragraph or two in length and should include a heading containing your name and the date. At the macro level, it should be well organized. At the micro level, it should be well written using proper grammar and coherent sentences, such as would be expected of any capable college student.

The file containing your statement is to be submitted to your CMPS 134 instructor (McCloskey) during the first meeting of CMPS 134L (the associated lab course) using the File Submission/Retrieval Utility, so you should come to that meeting already having prepared that file.

Instructions for registering to use the File Submission/Retrieval Utility and for subsequently submitting files to it will be provided during the lab meeting, and your lab instructor will be there to help you if the need arises.