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Department Events

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Computing Sciences Colloquia
Date: 12-1-23Time: 3:00pm
Location: BRN 228 - Pearn Auditorium
Details: Student Internships, etc. Panel More than a dozen current students will each offer brief presentations on their recent internship, and other such, experiences. Afterwards, they will serve as a panel to answer questions and to discuss their experiences. Tim Gallagher - CS'23,SE'24 Samuel Goncalves - CS'24 Emily Alexa Gotiangco - CS'26 Nicholas Guerra - CS'24,SE'25 Stephen Haggerty - CS'24 Jonathan Janosky - CS'25 Cuong Nguyen - CE,CS'23,SE'25 Frank Nicolaro - CS'23, SE'24 Elif Onat - CS'24, SE'25 Jay Patel - CS'25 David Reese - CS'24,SE'25 Simal Sami - IT'24 Ethan Thomas - IT'24 Rob Troy - CS,EE'24 James Vail - CS,CC'25 Liam White - IT'25

Computing Sciences Colloquia
Date: 10-27-23Time: 3:00pm
Location: LSC 133 - PNC Auditorium
Details: TITLE: Our Experiences Less than Two Years After the U PRESENTERS: Evan Esposito '21,'22G, Thomas Maccari '21,22G, James Ruff '21, Justin Thomas '21 ABSTRACT: Earning a college degree is a demanding enough task without the challenge of what comes afterward. Between further education, the job market, and other opportunities life may present, making a decision can seem overwhelming. The purpose of this presentation is to share the experiences of four recent graduates and answer questions to provide insight and encourage current students to consider what they hope to achieve after their studies. The presenters will introduce themselves and share their experiences at Scranton. They will go on to discuss their time in the job market and where their searches have led them, two or fewer years after graduation. The presenters will conclude by taking questions from the audience. BIOGRAPHIES: Evan Esposito graduated from the University of Scranton in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree and continued into receiving his Master of Science in Software Engineering degree in 2022 through the department's combined program. He is currently a Full-Stack Software Engineer at NextShift, a healthcare technology company based in Bethlehem, PA. Thomas Maccari is a software developer at Computer Aid Inc (CAI), a Software, IT, and cybersecurity solutions company based in Allentown, PA. He graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Computer Science in 2021, and again in 2022 with his Masters in Software Engineering. At CAI, he is currently part of the team on the PennDOT contract working to support and maintain KEES, a web application that facilitates the creation, submission, and documentation of construction permit applications that eventually become the bridges and road work you see in Pennsylvania today. James Ruff graduated from the University of Scranton in 2021 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. He took a position at The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ as a Technical Support Specialist 3 months after graduation, and remains there today. Justin Thomas completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Scranton in 2021. He is currently enrolled in the Master's program in Software Engineering from the University. After graduation he plans to enlist as an Officer in the United States Navy.

Computing Sciences Colloquia
Date: 10-13-23Time: 3:00pm
Location: BRN 228, Pearn Auditorium
Details: TITLE: The AI/Machine Learning Blueprint: From Theory to Brain Wave Analysis PRESENTER: Kyle Burrell '19 ABSTRACT: The rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the modern world has become the subject of much debate, curiosity, and amazement. Yet there is often a lack of understanding of how these technologies really work, their capabilities/limitations, and the fundamental development workflows that are followed to build these AI systems. This presentation provides a general overview of how AI/ML systems work and how they are developed, including a simple step-by-step tutorial project involving the training of a deep neural network model to classify complex brain signals. In addition, the presentation gives a very basic introduction to the exciting new field of consumer brain analytics using low-cost wearable devices, and demonstrates how the combination of modern AI/ML technology with these consumer brain-scanning wearables can unlock deeper insights into the complex analysis, assessment, and training of brain states/performance. BIO: Kyle Burrell is the founder of Neuralytics AI, LLC, an NEPA-based startup company that is building software platforms that combine consumer brain-scanning wearables with modern artificial intelligence to unlock new levels of performance, cognition, and learning. He graduated from The University of Scranton in 2019 with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and holds advanced certificates in both statistics and machine learning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) online learning platform, MITx. After attending The University of Scranton, he spent several years as a lead software engineer and research scientist for a local startup company, where he specialized in the research, design, and implementation of novel machine learning/artificial intelligence systems and applications. He is also a sought-after technical consultant, providing professional services in software engineering, data science, mathematical modeling, and the innovation of novel technology designs to solve real-world problems.

Computing Sciences Colloquia
Date: 9-15-23Time: 3:00pm
Location: BRN 228, Pearn Auditorium
Details: Presenter: Mr. Daniel Ricker, '19 '20G Title: My Experience of Starting to Work at Lockheed Martin Abstract: This presentation is about my experience of interviewing at Lockheed Martin and starting work there. I discuss my experience of onboarding and the environment that I have been working in. I also discuss some of the technologies used at Lockheed Martin and possible experiences that other people could have working at Lockheed Martin. Brief Biography: Daniel Ricker graduated from The University of Scranton in 2019 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and then graduated in 2020 with a Masters degree in Software Engineering. He started working at Lockheed Martin in Owego, New York two weeks after graduating with his Masters degree, and has worked there since. Presenter: Mr. Eric Zielinski, '16, '17G Title: "From Classroom to Career " Abstract: After a brief self-introduction, the talk will first discuss the sorts of things I learned during my time at the University of Scranton. In addition to this, I will also discuss the critical thinking and problem solving skills I gained from my time in college that proved helpful in my career. Following this, I will discuss my transition to the workplace, and how the skills I gained in college assisted me in my job. I will then briefly discuss the details of my current position and go over my day to day responsibilities. Brief Biography: Eric Zielinski graduated from the University of Scranton's Computer Science Program. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2016 and received his Master's Degree from the University's 5-Year Graduate Program in 2017. He currently works for the United States Postal Service in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania as a Lead Developer.

Computing Sciences Colloquia
Date: 5-12-23Time: 3:00pm
Location: LSC114, LSC116, LSC118, LSC125, LSC127
Details: May-12-2023 Computing Sciences Colloquia Student Projects Fair (in LSC) Abstract: Students will present summaries of recent and current projects which they have undertaken, including but not limited to undergraduate Capstone Projects and graduate Thesis Projects. Concurrent presentation sessions will be held in five rooms on the first floor of the Loyola Science Center, LSC114, LSC 116, LSC118, LSC125 and LSC127. David DiCesare, CS '23 SE '24 Jacob Fink, CS '23 James P. Fox, CS '25 Clarence Gallagher, SE '23 Tim Gallagher, CS and PHIL '23 SE '24 Nicholas Guerra, CS '24 Bradley Hnatow, AC '23 Owen Kealey, CS '23 Amanda Lamphere, MATH and CS '23 Henry Lembo, AC '23 Anthony Lucchese, CS and MSCI '23 Morgan McGuire, CS '23 SE '24 Thomas J. Meehan, CS '23 Thomas Melody, CS '24 Brian Memmen, CS '23 Cuong D. Nguyen, CE and CS '23 Shane Novitsky, CS '22 SE '23 Robert D. Troy, EE '24 Open to the public. To attend remotely on Zoom, contact cynthia.tokash@scranton.edu.

Francis Tholley - Thesis Presentation
Date: 5-11-23Time: 12:00pm
Location: LSC 090
Details: Title: Calculating the Relative MSTID Index Using SuperDARN Radar Observations

Admissions Open House
Details: Each fall the University holds day-long, campus-wide open house events, which in part, provide opportunities to learn more about the Department of Computing Sciences. Visitors to campus are invited to join faculty and students in both formal and informal settings for scheduled Meet & Greet opportunities, Information Sessions and Department Visits. Open Houses are typically held on Sundays in late October and early November.

Admissions Preview Day for Accepted Students
Details: Each spring the University holds a day-long campus-wide event for all students accepted for admission, which in part, provides opportunities to learn more about the Department of Computing Sciences. Scheduled events include presentations, panel discussions, and department visits which provide ample opportunities to meet and speak with faculty and students from the department. Preview Day is typically held on Saturday in late March.

High School Programming Contest
Location: Loyola Science Center
Details: Area high schools are invited to bring teams to compete in a programming contest hosted by the Department of Computing Sciences every year in the spring. Teams of two or three students use a programming language to solve computer-programming problems. Awards are presented to the top three teams.

UPE Induction Ceremony and Dinner
Location: The DeNaples Center
Details: The Pennsylvania Gamma Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, The International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines, was chartered at the University of Scranton in 1985. Those who qualify for membership in this honor society are inducted at an induction ceremony and dinner held yearly in May.
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